WH: Trump Has 'No Intention' of Firing Mueller


"I think he's considering perhaps terminating the special counsel", Ruddy said.

"No, I have not", Rosenstein answered. Sanders confirmed to reporters Tuesday night that Trump did interview Mueller.

Mr Sessions, who was appointed as Donald Trump's top justice official, said he did not recall meeting the Russian ambassador to the United States at an April event in the Mayflower Hotel in Washington attended by the USA president, contrary to recent media reports.

A key Trump supporter, former House of Representatives Speaker Newt Gingrich, said, "Republicans are delusional if they think the special counsel is going to be fair".

Trump has made it clear that he is frustrated by the investigation into Russian interference in the presidential election, which United States intelligence officials have said was done to tilt the outcome in Trump's favor. Graham also asked him if it would be a disqualifier to have worked for Hillary Clinton, who ran against President Donald Trump in the election and was a subject of a separate Justice Department investigation into her email practices.

Ryan echoed that sentiment, calling the reports about the president possibly moving to fire Mueller "a rumor".

Rosenstein added, "Director Mueller is going to have the full degree of independence he needs to conduct the investigation appropriately", adding that he hadn't communicated with Mueller since he was appointed as special counsel role.

"It is the House Judiciary Committee that should be the venue for the President to defend himself against the serious allegations of official misconduct, including but not limited to apparent attempts at obstruction of justice in the removal of Mr. Comey in order to relieve the "pressure" the President was feeling from investigations related to his campaign's ties to Russian meddling in America's most recent presidential election". "I personally think it would be a very significant mistake".

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Mueller is now the special counsel investigating Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. The individuals were held in a Brooklyn federal facility and subsequently deported.

Still, Spicer's remarks irked Ruddy, who says he should not have been asked to release a statement saying that he never spoke to the president because he never claimed to have spoken with the president about Mueller. "And there is no collusion between certainly myself and my campaign, but I can always speak for myself - and the Russians, zero", Trump responded.

On CSPAN: "I have some good sources in the administration". The option is still on the table, but Ruddy's move takes away the president's element of surprise.

Ryan said the smartest thing for the president to do would be to let the investigation continue and be vindicated. If there were good cause, I would consider it, if there were not good cause, it wouldn't matter to me what anybody says. He told MSNBC's "Morning Joe" that "I don't think the Congress would sit still and allow the president to pick his own investigator".

Conservative news outlets have been working hard to discredit Mueller in recent days, citing what Fox News' Sean Hannity called his "massive conflict of interest"-a friendship with fired Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey".

Even though the White House has denied Trump made comments about firing Mueller to Ruddy, many are still speculating as to what would happen if Trump tried to fire Mueller.

Under Justice Department rules, Mr Trump would have to order Deputy Attorney-General Rod Rosenstein to rescind department regulations protecting a special counsel from being fired for no good reason, and then to fire Mr Mueller. Ruddy was asked again later in the interview if Trump was actually contemplating firing Mueller, to which he replied, "Yes".

"This is an illegitimate special council", Ruddy said.