Updated Gyms Today, Raiding Coming in the Next Few Weeks


"Pokemon GO" is now available for download on all IOS and Android devices worldwide.

A feature fans have been crying out for is also on the way.

The game came out a year ago and it available now to download for Android and iOS. Once the update is has been completed, players will reportedly be able to feed berries to the Pokemon they have stationed in gyms as well as receive real-time push notifications when things happen at gyms. Oh, and gyms will now also offer up items to collect, giving you reasons to bother with them in the first place. There's a lot to digest here, so we'll break it down for you below. This could be about time to draw once again the Pokémon GO fad.

Just before the update is rolled out, all Gyms will be temporarily disabled. Pokemon you leave in Gyms now need to be periodically revisited and fed berries by you or your teammates in order to keep their motivation up.

Gyms will now also distribute "Gym Badges" as in classic Pokemon games. Here's how it works: Gyms will soon have six slots that can be filled by one team's Pokemon, and Pokemon presiding over gyms will have a new stat called "motivation". These gyms held up to ten Pokemon, and opposing teams usually had to grind battles to take over gyms.

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The upcoming update is being billed as the biggest yet, which is planned to completely revamp the Gym system. Trainers can boost a defender's motivation with a berry treat, but eventually the Pokemon will lose all motivation and return to its trainer after its defeated. "We will provide updates on our social channels in advance of Gyms closing in-game".

Although this does not specify when exactly in the future Niantic is planning to release these Legendary Pokemon, it does indicate that the developer is really working on bringing Legendaries to Pokemon Go.

The gym overhaul will only launch for select players today and roll out to everyone else in the coming weeks.

"Raid Battles are timed in-game events that will temporarily take over a Gym, providing Trainers from all teams the chance to visit the Gym and group up together to challenge the Raid Boss and potentially earn special new items along with an opportunity to catch these Pokemon", the post continues. Events can occur "in the wild" or in gyms.