The Surface Laptop got iFixit's lowest possible reparability score


The notebook, which was already skating on thin ice thanks to a notoriously low string of repairability scores on past Surface-branded devices, somehow managed to actually perform worse. iFixit ended its testing by giving the Surface Laptop a firm 0 out of 10, while noting that there's really no way to fix it and that it shouldn't ever be attempted.

Notably, Microsoft originally wasn't going to give users the option of switching back to Windows 10 S after upgrading to Windows 10 Pro.

It appears as if Microsoft has been following the Apple playbook in creating another laptop whose components you can never replace.

While Windows 10 S is an interesting experiment, app support is already a significant issue for the platform.

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While the Surface Laptop is a desirable piece of hardware in its own right, it ships from the factory with Windows 10 S installed. You'll need to either sign into your Microsoft account so you can download images for your registered devices, or provide the serial number of the device you're using.

For anyone who does decide to roll back from Windows 10 Pro to Windows 10 S using the recovery image, the downgrade route is open, but it's not exactly a smooth process. The $50 charge will possibly be in force starting in 2018, but Microsoft could extend the deadline to encourage users to upgrade.

The verdict then regarding the Surface Laptop is that it can not be repaired without causing considerable damage to the notebook. That explanation makes sense when you consider the fact that they're also throwing in a year's worth of Office 365 Personal for free along with the device. It would mean a lot to us.