Philippine troops pound Islamists as death toll passes 300


"The president is well", he said.

The radical outfit formed in 2012 by two brothers, Omarkhayam and Abdullah Maute, has pledged allegiance to the IS.

The SC held three days of oral arguments on June 13-15 on five petitions questioning the basis for the martial law declaration, and asking the high court to compel Congress to convene in joint session to pass upon the proclamation.

Lt. Col. Emmanuel Garcia, commander of the Armed Armed Forces' 4th Civil Relations Group, said 225 Maute armed group members, 59 security personnel and 26 civilians have been killed since the outbreak of hostilities on May 23; 1,629 civilians were also rescued by troops, local government units and civil society organizations.

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has returned after a five-day break from public appearances to reassure soldiers and the media that the fight against Islamic State-affiliated fighters is drawing to a close, while the death toll has surpassed 300. They say more than 200 militants have been killed.

He told reporters the Maute Group "was already infiltrated by the ISIS" and that they are in Marawi to "kill, kill, kill for no reason at all, to destroy, burn, pillage, rampage, for no reason at all".

The petitioners even pointed out that terrorism does not equate to rebellion, noting the attacks on Marawi City stemmed from an armed resistance by the Maute group to shield Hapilon from capture.

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He said traditional political leaders and the moderates who do not want Marawi turned into a wasteland are desperate to end the crisis but "I am not apologizing for anything there because they brought the problem to themselves".

Raisah Labay gently cradles her newborn: A boy who was named Martial to mark her flight from war-torn Marawi City and his birth under newly imposed military rule.

"Paano yung patay ko?".

"The roadblock that they're saying is the checkpoint that is in between Iligan and Marawi and we have not been allowing anyone else other than local government and other officials to come in to Marawi because of the conflict that is ongoing", Padilla explained.

He declared martial law in the southern region of Mindanao to boost the offensive against the militants.

The official, however, said there were tell-tale signs of trouble brewing in the East Asian country since February-March this year when it was informed of the militant outfit's plan to lay siege in the predominantly Catholic nation. "Wala na. Basta... then it could be a copycat of Marcos".

Abella meanwhile welcomed the Commission on Human Rights' remarks that there have been no reports of human rights violations by government troops following the President's declaration of martial law.