Mum's warning after son swallows part of his fidget spinner


A Sydney mother has sent a dire warning to fellow parents after her son was hospitalised after swallowing part of a fidget spinner.

Doctors say kids have needed surgery after swallowing metal pieces that fall off or can be pulled off the spinners.

The child was playing with the spinner when one of its disc's "flew off", his mother, who was not identified, posted to Facebook yesterday.

"The side of the spinner was cracked & when he spun it, the disc flew in his mouth & before he realised, he swallowed it!"

The child wasd then taken to the emergency section of the Royal North Shore Hospital after a plastic disc came off the fad-spinner.

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An x-ray showed the circular disc in the boy's stomach. "He has to pass it within two days or we're looking at alternative methods of extraction".

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A number of Australian schools have banned the fidget spinners in classrooms, claiming they are distracting and addictive.

Last month, a 10-year-old girl in the U.S. accidentally swallowed part of a fidget spinner and had to have it surgically removed from her oesophagus.