Xbox Originals Coming to Backwards Compatibility


The Xbox One X is the most powerful video game console ever made while Xbox One S still has a great value that's now available with a drop down price in the market.

Now, this is not exactly an announcement or confirmation but Phil elaborated quite a bit about the prospect of something like Game Pass and giving PC users access to a back catalog of Xbox titles from the original console to the Xbox 360.

At $499, the Xbox One X is (or will be) the most expensive gaming console on the market and there are understandable questions about why the price is so high. Even if you don't have a 4K television, the console will use a technique called supersampling to enhance the clarity and color of whatever it's showing.

Since the on-stage announcement Phil has gone on to expand on a few details regarding the original Xbox backward compatibility program, talking about how hard it's been to get some of the classic games due to rights, and more. For one, there are rights issues that are more complicated than with Xbox 360 games.

Recently, Microsoft announced that Original Xbox games will be playable as backwards compatible titles later this year. Yet to experience 4K, one would of course have to own a 4K-capable TV or monitor, and without which, the Xbox One X's marquee feature basically becomes pointless.

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Switch owners have been asking for a Rocket League port since the console first launched, and now they'll be getting their wish. There will be a cross network play option with Xbox One and PC users. "We think we've got it all covered", said Dunham.

Xbox One X will debut November 7 worldwide for $ 499 Dollars, and according to Phil Spencer, the console is aimed at a specific audience.

What we do like about the Xbox One X is the power it possesses.

Spencer's remarks illustrate the reasoning behind companies' desire to output more powerful consoles generation after generation - those gamers Spencer referred to keep on wanting better, more polished gaming experiences than the last generation was able deliver. For $500, you'll be getting a beast of a machine that is smaller than the Xbox One S. I don't understand how's like a high-end PC crammed into this tiny little box... Microsoft's Mike Ybarra (today) has revealed an additional new detail related to Original Xbox backward compatibility program. While the PS 4 Pro and Nintendo Switch too, have been around for a short while, it looks like we are all set for an interesting battle of the consoles. Microsoft listed the game for pre-order on their Windows 10 Store, and you can see the approximate size in between the Reggie heads.

Without any doubt, Sony's PS4 and Microsoft's Xbox One are now the Market Leaders.