Trump lawyer says Trump not under investigation, despite Trump's tweet


Both Coats and Rogers declined before the Senate intelligence committee earlier this month to answer questions about their conversations with Trump, but both said they had never felt urged by Trump to intervene in the Russian Federation probes.

Gingrich referred to a Wednesday Washington Post story alleging that Mueller was expanding the Russian Federation probe to include investigation Trump for potential obstruction of justice following his firing of Comey.

Attorney Jay Sekulow told NBC and CNN in interviews that Trump "is not under investigation by the special counsel", Robert Mueller, although Trump said Friday that Mueller is investigating him.

"That tweet was in response to a Washington Post story that ran with five unnamed sources without identifying the agencies they represented, saying that the special counsel had broadened out his investigation to include the president".

When Wallace pointed out that he'd used the word "investigated", Sekulow said that he was responding to a hypothetical situation that would occur if the president were being investigated, which he definitely is not. The Washington Post or one of President Trump's attorneys?

Sekulow said the tweet was only meant as a response to what he called a "fake report". Though some in the White House have preached caution, fearing a repeat of the firestorm over Comey's firing, many in Trump's orbit - including his son Donald Trump Jr. and adviser Newt Gingrich - have deemed Mueller biased and worthy of dismissal.

"So there can be no confusion. It's that simple. The president is not under investigation".

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In a combative and testy exchange on "Fox News Sunday", Sekulow acknowledged he could not know for sure that Mueller has not opened an investigation, but said he had no reason to believe he had. "But I have not been notified".

"I can say categorically that the collusion or co-operation aspect of the investigation is not over", the Maine senator told "Meet the Press", adding that the probe could be done by the end of 2017. His tweet about a "WITCH HUNT" conducted by "bad" people is just a Trumpian version of what appears to be the official White House line - that this is somehow a partisan attempt to delegitimize the Trump presidency.

A person who spoke with Trump on Tuesday told the New York Times that the president was pleased by the intentional ambiguity of his position on firing Mueller. The president made the determination to remove the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation after consultation with others. A source said the investigators have also interviewed Coats, former deputy director of NSA Richard Ledgett and Rogers, who testified that they were not pressurized by the Trump Administration officials. He said he had only been discussing the constitutional problem posed if the president were being investigated.

"I can't imagine coming into office with this fact of this Russian engagement in our election and not digging into it", King said.

In a two-part tweet posted before 7 a.m. Sunday, Trump wrote: "The MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN agenda is doing very well despite the distraction of the Witch Hunt".

Sekulow made four TV appearances on Sunday to clarify the situation.