President Trump: private air traffic control


President Donald Trump outlined a plan on Monday to privatize the USA air traffic control system to modernize it and lower flying costs, a plan that could affect some 300 New Hampshire jobs.

At noon yesterday, President Trump revealed his plans to privatize the US air traffic control (ATC) system.

Trump unveiled his proposal Monday at the White House, detailing plans to separate air traffic controllers from the federal government.

Under Trump's proposal, a board made up of airline, union and airport officials would oversee the nonprofit entity that would assume oversight after a three-year transition.

"Air traffic control is now using outdated technology", said DJ Gribbin, special assistant to the president for infrastructure, in an off-camera briefing with reporters.

The plan has drawn appraises from former transportation secretaries, who lauded the move as the "right solution for the 21st century".

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Trump's proposal is just that - a proposal.

Supporters of privatizing air-traffic control system say the consumers will save money by paying lowers taxes that would have otherwise have gone to the FAA.

While the current FAA-led ATC system has produced one of the safest aviation programs in the world, there has been bipartisan efforts to rid the system of delays and cancellations. Additionally, the air-traffic control system would move toward a model based on GPS technology, rather than the more rudimentary radar-based technology now used, meaning - in theory, at least - that planes could operate more efficiently, use less fuel and charge less. The changes will move the ATC system from radar and voice-based communications to a system based on satellite navigation and digital communications.

"Seize this opportunity - because if you don't, we're gonna come, and you're not gonna like it", U.S. Rep. Bill Shuster said. She also said that the airline expected to be able to cooperate with the Trump administration "to make air travel cleaner, safer and more efficient". "The AIRR Act is transformational legislation that prepares the US aviation system for the future, helps ensure a modern, safe system that benefits passengers and the economy, and keeps America competitive in a vital industry". In fact, Canada, which typically has a more liberal government, privatized its own air traffic control system in 1996. This is also what bothers private pilots and smaller airlines and airports, as they feel that they won't have enough representation on the non-profit corporation's proposed board. "In fact, nations that have privatized ATC have seen operational costs increase at a much higher rate than has been seen in the USA under the FAA".

Trump's plan would also eliminate taxes on airline passengers in favor of a system of user fees.