Mystery Jay Z project 4:44 has release date


It turns out those cryptic 4:44 ads were the first hints of a new Jay Z album after all.

Just a day after news broke that he was the father of twins, the rapper announced late Sunday night that his new album will drop on Tidal on June 30.

An announcement from his streaming service, Tidal, reveals that the record will arrive on June 30.

How do you make sure you can get your hands on 4:44?

YotaPhone 3 Will Launch In Two Variants and Start at $350
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Chatter on a new Hov LP heated up in recent weeks, and the entrepreneur and music man threw fuel on that fire last week with a mysterious campaign which saw the numbers "4:44" and the date "6.30.17" dished up on posters and online.

Is it a full-fledged album from Jay Z, detailing his thoughts and feelings post-Lemonade? "Our loyal, existing customers, and customers who switch to Sprint, can experience the album exclusively, plus access a complimentary six-month trial of TIDAL HiFi, giving them access to content they can't get anywhere else".

"Letter to my dad that I never wrote / Speeches that I prepare that never spoke / Words on a paper that I never read / Prose is never pen, they stayed in my head".