King: Trump 'doesn't seem interested' in Russian Federation election meddling


"I just cannot fathom how House Republicans could ultimately, with everything that's going on with Russia's nefarious actions, try to either deep-six the bill or dramatically change it", he said.

Politico said Saturday night that of all the things that Trump has railed against in speeches and on Twitter - the media, the "career bureaucrats in Washington", the nation's intelligence agencies and the multiple federal investigations closing in on the White House - he has never once expressed concern or even curiosity about Russia's attempts to meddle with the 2016 election.

During his explosive testimony before Congress, Comey said that never once did Trump ask him about ways to stop attempts by Russian Federation to meddle with USA elections, in spite of numerous one-on-one conversations about the issue. That follows this week's high-profile Intelligence Committee hearing with embattled Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Sen. Angus King (I-ME) confirmed that Trump was wrong.

There was one of the tweets this week, the president sort of indicated that the collusion aspect of the investigation is over. Rubio said Trump feels he did nothing wrong and wants investigators to say that publicly. Where is the Senate Intel Committee on this investigation timetable wise?

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"We believe that the existing executive branch sanctions regime is the best tool for compelling Russian Federation to fulfill its commitments, and the administration will continue to work with Congress to ensure that we pursue the best course of action", she said. Comey had nine interactions with the president. "And you saw the majority of my colleagues didn't agree with it this week", the Florida senator said Sunday.

"I think he thinks it undermines his election". He did say at a news conference last week, in response to a question from a Romanian reporter, that he was "committing the United States" to the principle.

Asked last week about the potential Russian sanctions provisions, Deputy White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said the administration was "committed to existing sanctions" that were imposed related to Russia's incursions into Ukraine.

"The Russians were trying to screw around with our elections and also state elections, which I find really scary", he said.