At least 58 presumed dead in London Grenfell fire


"Even if we get some DNA, the question will be, do we have anything to compare it to?" said Denise Syndercombe Court, a forensic science expert at King's College London.

"The investigation will look in into what criminal offenses may have been committed", Cundy said.

Alhajali, who lived on the 14th floor, was a civil engineering student at West London University. He gave love to everyone.

His family said in a statement that Alhajali "came to the United Kingdom because he had ambitions and aims for his life and for his family".

Rydon had earlier said the revamp "met all required building control, fire regulation and health and safety standards".

Floral tributes and messages for the victims of Grenfell Tower are seen in London, Britain, on June 16, 2017. Officials warn that no further survivors are likely to be found.

In the wake of the fire, it has emerged that the panels fitted to the outside of Grenfell Tower during a substantial refurbishment in 2011 were the cheaper flammable version, that cost £22 each, compared to the "fire-resistant" version which cost £24 each.

London firefighters are continuing the grim search after a high-rise fire that killed at least 30 people as public anger about the blaze continues to grow.

It took almost two hours to gain control of the conflagration, according to fire officials. Grief turned to outrage Friday amid reports that materials used in the building's renovation could have fueled the i.

Community groups have said that warnings about poor fire safety have always been ignored, and that in the aftermath of the disaster, officials failed to immediately take care of those affected. The exact cause of the fire is still unknown. We are not stupid we are aware people are dead. As of Saturday afternoon, 19 remain hospitalized, with 10 in critical condition, according to police. The building had been home to a diverse group of residents, many of them from Sudan, Eritrea and Syria.

Bodies found in search of US destroyer damaged in collision
Poseidon aircraft worked alongside two Japanese maritime helicopters to comb the search area for any sign of the missing sailors . In an earlier statement, it said that the sailors were being transferred to a U.S. naval hospital where they would be identified.

Cundy has said that the ongoing operation to recover and identify all victims is a complex process, and some may never be identified.

Clement's Church near Grenfell Tower.

"Sadly, our work will be ongoing for many, many weeks. But it would also be deeply distressing for families for us to release wrong information", he added.

Diagrams in a brochure dated 2016 for Reynobond tiles reviewed by Reuters show how polyethylene (PE) core tiles are suitable only for buildings of up to 10m in height."As soon as the building is higher than the fire fighters' ladders, it has to be conceived with an incombustible material", the brochure says.

Ex-MP Stephen Williams said he was alarmed to find out promises he had made in the Commons to update building regulations relating to fire had not been kept by his successors. It may take longer than that.

There were chaotic scenes as angry protesters shouted through a loudspeaker, with one woman saying: "We are in pain. We just want answers", said Salwa Buamani, 25, who attended the protest with her three-year-old niece on her shoulders.

Grief turned to anger on Friday, as angry protesters stormed Kensington and Chelsea council and demanded answers on the fire.

Khan said people were frustrated by the lack of information about the missing and the dead, as well as a lack of coordination between support services.

"The prime minister needs to act immediately to ensure that all evidence is protected so that everyone culpable for what happened at Grenfell Tower is held to account and feels the full force of the law", Lammy said, suggesting that contractors might be destroying evidence before it is sought by police. "But we try to make sure people know there are features and redundancies in buildings that you can count on, and you can stay put".