Patty Jenkins Hints at Chris Pine's Presence in Future Wonder Woman Films


"Wonder Woman", the latest film from Warner Bros.' DC Extended Universe, exceeded expectations at the box office, bringing in $103.1 million for its opening weekend in North America.

"In addition, ". Most films that show sensitive guys, they're portrayed as being weak or as being wimps.

Also, I hope we get to see Gadot's versatility in other films since Wonder Woman will obviously open up the door for her to pursue almost any project she wishes. This news comes from the same source, THR, who now reports that Jenkins' deal with Warner Bros. was to only direct one film. I mean, it's handsome and powerful, and also so sad, because he's dead, and also he won't be back for Wonder Woman 2!

Playing Wonder Woman catapulted her into stardom. Now, director Patty Jenkins is already thinking about the sequel.

Director Patty Jenkins's film took 103.1 million dollars (£79.7 million) in the United States, the biggest opening for a movie directed by a woman. "Wonder Woman" is now screening at USA theaters.

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Now Gal has taken to social media to express her profound gratitude to fans for turning Wonder Woman into such a huge success.

"They taught me how to go through glass".

So what we'd like to see is Patty Jenkins getting the same treatment.

"(The movie is), in some ways, a more important film for boys and men than it is for women and girls", Zehner said. As someone who has watched this movie more than anything else since its release, I can safely say that the joy of it never wears off.

Critically, Wonder Woman is resting at a 93 percent on review site, making it not only one of the highest-reviewed films of the year, but also one of the highest-reviewed superhero films; period. It's a handsome story to tell, an important time to tell it and with people that I love.