Brexit talks to start next week


Northern Ireland is a deeply religious country and numerous DUP's policies reflect this in how socially conservative they are.

The DUP source told BBC assistant political editor Norman Smith the two parties were now finalising the "terms and conditions" of an agreement after Mrs May and DUP leader Arlene Foster met on Tuesday.

On Thursday, May visited the wreckage of an apartment building in west London, where at least 17 people were killed in a fire, and ordered a public inquiry. "We enter these talks in a positive fashion, we are first and foremost unionists and therefore we want to secure the union". "We never put timescales on when we expect a deal to be done and I'm not going to start now". There is a steady dialogue between the two sides that has never stopped at any point.

The announcement by Andrea Leadsom suggests that Prime Minister Theresa May and the Northern Ireland-based Democratic Unionist Party have struck an agreement or are close to one.

Several commentators, particularly in the north, have expressed a degree of amusement at the fact that the six counties - which were largely ignored in both the Brexit and General Election campaigns - have now regained their starring role in Westminster's game of thrones.

Falling eight seats short of retaining its parliamentary majority, May's Conservative party is now in talks with the DUP - which won 10 seats - to forge an informal alliance.

She will have to manage conflicting demands from within her own party, including a proposal for business groups and lawmakers from all parties to agree a national position.

And when will the Queen's Speech take place?

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May is now attempting to form a deal with the DUP in order to make her #Minority Government tenable, but that move could easily cause tensions in Northern Ireland, where peace is still shaky, to rise even higher.

The Conservative source said: "We're confident of getting an agreement, we're confident that the Queen's speech will be passed".

Still trying to shore up her authority after last week's election calamity injected new uncertainty into Britain's path to leaving the European Union, May is sending her Brexit Secretary David Davis to Brussels on Monday to launch the process with EU negotiator Michel Barnier.

But then May called a needless election to get a bigger majority in parliament-to "strengthen her hand" in the negotiations with the European Union that are scheduled to begin next Monday, or so she said.

The talks are being closely watched in European capitals as they could delay the expected start of Brexit negotiations next week, as well as change Britain's entire approach to its EU withdrawal.

The draft law would empower Europe to decide if post-Brexit London has the right to host financial market "clearing houses" that deal in euros, the EU's single currency.

Macron said during a press conference with May in Paris on Tuesday that "of course the door is always open as long as the negotiations on Brexit have not finished". May should step aside, and allow a new Conservative leader to take the country to a new general election.