Katy Perry smashes Twitter record, hits 100 millions followers


Katy Perry has become the first Twitter user to reach 100 million followers.

To celebrate Katy's achievement, Twitter posted a video on their own official account of some of Katy's greatest tweets over the years. "Today, we #WITNESS history", the tweet read. Justin Bieber has 96.7 million followers.

Katy's most recent antics have probably helped her up the rankings, what with her ongoing feud with Taylor Swift, her controversial Bon Appetit music video, her weird four day live stream on YouTube which saw fans watch her like hawks- Big Brother style- in anticipation for the release of her new album, Witness. Digital Spy used the service TwitterAudit and found that of her 99.3 million followers at the time, only 32 percent were real.

"Thank you, @Twitter, for always giving me an opportunity to have a voice!"

Coincidentally, Perry hit her milestone the same morning President Trump tweeted about having "over 100 million people" following him.

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Perry joined Twitter as @katyperry in 2009, reached 50 million followers by 2012 and has been the reigning queen ever since.

Yesterday in an interview with The New York Times she said she felt that the awards were all fake.

Katy made a huge change to her appearance, notably cutting off her long black hair, and dyed her new bob cut blonde.

Katy went on to say that she respects her "old self" and doesn't hate the old "Katy Perry", but rather her new progression is the necessary step in her character development and her career.