Teen charged with fatally stabbing dog to avoid pound


- A man who could no longer take care of his dog killed it, the Manatee County Sheriff's Office says.

Sheriff's deputies were dispatched to 4803 20th St. W.at approximately 4:01 a.m. this morning for a report of a suspicious person. He was arrested after they called police and faces charges of animal cruelty and possession of marijuana. During a pat down for weapons a small plastic bag was found in his front, left pocket that officers determined to contain marijuana.

Once deputies arrived on scene, they found that a man had killed his dog, a 3-year-old Pit Bull.

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Cox told deputies his parents brought the dog down from Greenville, North Carolina so that he could spend time with the dog before he had to get rid of it. He said he had the dog at his brother's house for the past few days but that his brother's wife told him he couldn't keep the dog at their house because it would violate their lease terms.

The deputies asked for the location of the dog which Cox said was on the back lawn. He told them he heated a kitchen knife up because it was a thin knife.

Cox reportedly stabbed the dog four times: three times in the neck and once under the dog's shoulder.