Daredevil to hang by teeth from helicopter over Niagara Falls


On the fifth anniversary of her husband of 17 years, Nik, walking over the waterfalls on a tight rope, Erendira hung by her teeth from an aerial hoop dangling approximately 300 feet above the thundering water.

"Five years ago today, I was able to make history and the fact that five years later my wife is about to make history - it gives me goose bumps, it gives me chills", Nik Wallenda said before his wife headed off into the sky.

People holding their breath while Wallenda, 300 ft. above them, lets go of the hoop exclusively staying above the falls using her teeth and jaw muscles.

Dressed in a black body suit, she performed a few acrobatic maneuvers before briefly hanging by her teeth with the use of a mouth guard. There are eight generations of performers on her mother's side who have been part of the third-oldest circus in Australia, she said, and seven generations on her father's side, which tours in Mexico City.

The acrobat's husband, Nik Wallenda, walked a 1,800-foot tightrope from the NY side of Niagara Falls into Canada.

The Niagara County Legislature last month approved spending $35,000 for the act.

But now his wife has done something just as insane as her husband.

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"She had a huge grin on her face the whole time", Nik Wallenda said.

After Erendira landed safely back on the ground, she said she wanted more of the high-flying, death defying aerobatics.

While dangling over the Falls under overcast skies, a smiling Erendira performed a series of moves to music that only she could hear through headphones. She told reporters at a press conference on Wednesday, "I remember watching Nikolas as he was crossing the falls and thinking, 'Boy, I wonder what that would feel like, I wonder what that would look like, ' never thinking that five years later I was going to get the same opportunity".

Although the death-defying stunt seemed unsafe, Erendira Wallenda said she was fully prepared. Onlookers were as impressed as they were anxious about the whole stunt, as he set a new record for the "iron-jaw hang".

"I was nervous for her", said Ania Desmarais, of CT.

In 2012, the Niagara Parks Commission approved the achievement of Nik Wallenda. While the rest of us are content to see Niagara Falls from the safety of the sidelines, this family goes to great lengths to have the best seats in the house.