House Intelligence Committee requests Comey's Trump meeting notes, White House tapes


The right wing pointed to its preferred spots. He immediately dove into the heart of the fraught political controversy around his firing and whether Trump interfered in the bureau's Russian Federation investigation, as he elaborated on written testimony delivered Wednesday. Comey said he believed he was sacked "because of the Russian Federation investigation", amplifying calls that Trump obstructed justice.

In a brief statement to reporters Thursday after Comey's testimony, Kasowitz accused Comey of admitting "that he unilaterally and surreptitiously made unauthorized disclosures to the press of privileged communications with the President". "I don't think the Republicans would impeach him, but it doesn't mean the Democrats couldn't heighten congressional scrutiny on the president and push the Republicans into a stature where they are forced to ask questions".

"Lordy, I hope there are tapes", he told the committee regarding whether Trump had recorded their conversation.

"That's Bob Mueller's job to sort that out", he said.

With a special counsel afoot, everything is fair game. Comey said he holds Mueller in the highest regard. Asked why he didn't directly confront the president during those meetings, Comey said he "was so stunned by the conversation" that the words didn't come to him. But the White House hit back angrily at Comey. The friend tipped off a newspaper.

Meanwhile, the Democratic leader in the US House of Representatives said today there was no question that Mr Trump abused his power in interactions with Mr Comey but she said it remained to be seen if he had obstructed justice. So did cable news networks, bracketing Comey's first public appearance since being fired by Trump with hours of their own talk.

The FBI head said he left their first meeting and immediately started taking notes in the vehicle.

"(There) was the nature of the person. I'm good with it, ' he said during in his testimony.

"Hoping and telling are two very different things", the younger Trump tweeted.

He strongly hinted at the possibility of criminal intent.

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Comey also said Trump told him during a one-on-one dinner on January 27 that he needed "loyalty".

"He's just new to this", he told a press conference.

"Asking others to leave the room could suggest the president was aware that there was something wrong with what he was doing", said Andrew Wright, a professor of constitutional law at Savannah Law School.

After Comey's abrupt dismissal from the job last month, Trump told NBC that Comey was a "showboat" and a "grandstander", adding: "You take a look at the Federal Bureau of Investigation a year ago, it was in virtual turmoil, less than a year ago".

Likewise, the fact that the directors of national intelligence and the National Security Agency testified Wednesday they were never pressured to do anything inappropriate with respect to ongoing investigations should be enough to confirm that there was no crime. "That happened. It's about as unfake as you can possibly get".

The Republicans appeared to close ranks around their president.

Comey's written testimony "is the most shocking single document compiled about the official conduct of the public duties of any President since the release of the Watergate tapes", Benjamin Wittes, editor-in-chief of the Brookings Institution's Lawfare blog, wrote. James Risch asked whether he was aware of anyone ever being charged with obstruction of justice for saying they hoped for something, like Trump supposedly hoped he would lay off Flynn?

Comey said he didn't know. "There is no legal prohibition on him, as a private citizen, discussing his conversations with the president", Rozell said, so long as he was not revealing information that was classified as secret. "This seems like a pretty light touch (from Trump)", Lankford said.

Legal opinions have been mixed on the issue. Provided in summary in his written testimony to the Senate intelligence committee, they were written just after his conversations with Trump, when his memory was fresh and his ability to recall details at its sharpest.

Trump also saluted the United States' relationship with Romania and praised its contribution to the global fight against terror.