Vladimir Putin Tells Megyn Kelly Hackers "Shifted the Blame" to Russian Federation


"NATO was established as a Cold War instrument in the fight against the Soviet Union", Putin said through a translator.

The Washington Post has reported that in a NY meeting in December with the Russian ambassador to Washington, Sergei Kislyak, the 36 year old Kushner suggested setting up a back channel of communications with Moscow.

"You and I, you and I personally, have a much closer relationship than I had with Mr. Flynn", he told Kelly in comments in Russian, which were translated into English.

"I made my speech". We didn't have any relationship at all."The Russian President revealed that on all Trump's visits to Moscow, they had never met each other, he said adding that a lot of Americans and companies moved to Russia or visited without the country gathering information on them".

In August 2016, Flynn said that he did not ask to sit next to Putin and wasn't concerned about how it looked with him sitting next to the Russian leader.

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A picture of the two men was widely circulated after President Trump appointed Flynn as his adviser, and fueled speculation about Trump's ties to Russian Federation. Putin also said that India was facing a serious problem on account of terrorism and it was not an "imaginary thing".Kushner met with the ambassador, Sergei Kislyak, in early December, and suggested establishing a secure communications line between the Kremlin and Trump officials at a Russian diplomatic facility, according to United States of America officials who reviewed intelligence reports describing Kislyak's account. And I got up and left. Finally, he said that USA officials blaming Russian Federation for electoral meddling was "disinformation" akin to "anti-Semitism and blaming the Jews". "I don't know. The routine job of an ambassador - do you think that from all over the world or from the United States, the ambassador reports to me every day who he meets with or what they discuss there?"

"That's it. I didn't even really talk to him".

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed a Special Prosecutor, former FBI Director Robert Mueller, to oversee the Russian Federation investigation last month.

When the Senate intelligence committee in May demanded that Flynn provide a list of any contacts with Russian officials during the presidential campaign and transition, Flynn invoked his constitutional right against self- incrimination and refused.