Gal Gadot opens about her 'secret audition' for 'Wonder Woman'


Though not ideal, viewers of Wonder Woman will ponder why it took so long for this superhero to make it to the big screen. Wonder Woman is the first female superhero in years to carry her own film.

Though Gal Gadot is locked in for another Wonder Woman movie, Patty Jenkins has not yet officially been signed for the Wonder Woman sequel.

Chris Evans and Mark also congratulated the film on its success. And, yes, I hope that Wonder Woman opens the door for more women-led films with female directors at the helm. Some might even call them wonderful.

A sexist and patriarchal society still exists. Thankfully, we now have a new Wonder Woman to do just that. But as a black woman and a long time fan of superhero movies, the actual content of Wonder Woman depressed me. In fact, she was supposed to transform into a "Chimera-like monster" during her final battle with Wonder Woman! She first protects a tiny village and then fights to sop the world war. Through her, we are able to see more clearly the societal misogyny that is so deeply engrained in our society.

How far until Wonder Woman becomes the highest grossing movie directed by a woman stateside? You want to do a movie like this because you believe in it. The beginning of the film showed us Diana is working at the Louvre and receives a photo from Bruce Wayne. Diana (Gal Gadot) has seen the wounded Allied soldiers and desperate villagers. As we now know, there was no sign of that character in the movie and the only female villain was the very human Doctor Poison.

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While numerous think pieces that are borne out of the success of Wonder Woman will likely focus on gender representation, it's little moments like those with the Chief that we need to see more of.

The most disappointing part of Wonder Woman was that it would have been so easy to film a movie that considered all of these intersectional issues and made the effort to avert these criticisms.

Among this group is Moroccan master-of-disguise, a Scottish sharpshooter suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, and a man simply known as the Chief, who is portrayed by Eugene Brave Rock from Kainai First Nation.

"Wonder Woman", starring Gadot, Chris Pine, and Robin Wright, is now playing nationwide. For those of you unfamiliar with the character, he was revealed to be one of Zeus' children and the half-brother of Diana Prince during Brian Azzarrello's run at the start of The New 52.