Debris Of Myanmar Military Plane With 116 On Board Found In Andaman


A military plane carrying more than 100 passengers has gone missing in south- eastern Myanmar while flying to the commercial capital Yangon, the country's army chief says.

A spokesman said: 'Communication was lost suddenly at about 1:35 pm (07:05 GMT) when it reached about 20 miles west of Dawei town'.

An extensive search is now underway for the plane, which was flying over the Andaman Sea when it went missing.

There were 105 passengers and 11 crew on board, an airport source said. The passengers are believed to the family members of the military men based in the coastal region.

BREAKING: Burmese army planes and helicopters are searching for a military aircraft over southern Myanmar.

It was said to have lost contact around 20 miles west of Dawei.

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It was declared missing after losing contact with air traffic control.

'We think it was a technical failure.

The army said the plane was delivered in March a year ago and had logged 809 flying hours.

Although it is monsoon season in Myanmar, there were no reports of bad weather at that time. There were fears it may have crashed into the ocean, since its route would have taken it over the Andaman Sea.

The missing plane is a Y-8F-200 four-engine turboprop, a Chinese-made model still commonly used by Myanmar's military for transporting cargo.

A former executive at the aviation ministry said numerous aircraft in Myanmar's fleet were old and decrepit.