'Stan' Added to Dictionary Thanks to Eminem's Beloved Song!


The Oxford English Dictionary gives several great examples of the word used in sentences, like, "y'all know I stan for Katy Perry, so I was excited to see the artwork for her upcoming album". The same word will be used as a verb to describe someone who is being that obsessive fan. You may recall that Em's 2000 hit followed a crazed fan named Stan, who wrote increasingly intense letters to his idol and eventually took his obsession way too far. "Giving a group of people a name unites individuals around the globe and has paved the way for stan related hashtags on Twitter and even Stan Wars websites where rival fandoms fight to prove who reigns supreme". Recognizing the term's ubiquity, the folks responsible for the Oxford English Dictionary said they'd be adding the term to it "shortly" two years ago. This would not be the first time an artiste's lingo has made it to the dictionary: Kanye West's "cray", Drake's "YOLO" and Beyonce's "Bootylicious" were previously added to the Oxford English Dictionary. The dark, dramatic song culminates in the murder of "Stan's" pregnant girlfriend.

Eminem has released a collection of merchandise, which includes a cassette reissue, signed posters, shirts, and more, to commemorate the celebration. His film, 8 Mile, was also a success, and Eminem definitely had all eyes on him.

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He said: "He played for us, he played outside the pitch, in the second half he told the ball boys in Swedish to take it easy". United finished 24 points behind champions Chelsea, with a league-high 15 draws.

Last week, Marshall Mathers hinted at something big going down for the album's anniversary. The music video for the tune shows a fan dressing just like the rapper and dying his hair in the same shade of peroxide blond.