Attack On Airbase Death Toll Rises To 140


Meanwhile, Ahmed al-Mismari, a spokesman for the eastern-based LNA, said on Friday that 103 of those killed in the attack were LNA troops, mostly from the 12th Brigade stationed there.

Meanwhile, Al-Mesmari said the LNA had launched retaliatory airstrikes in the Third Force-controlled regions of Sabha and Jufra.

The attack was allegedly carried out by a government-backed militia called the Third Force.

According to the PC, the committee will be supervised by what it described as the Commander in Chief of Libyan Army, but headed by the Justice Minister-designate and with the membership of the Interior Minister-designate.

The GNA also added that it had chose to suspend its defence minister, al-Mahdi al-Barghati, and the head of the Third Force from their duties until those responsible were identified.

BENGHAZI, Libya At least 60 people were killed as rival Libyan forces clashed near a southern air base on Thursday, medical and military officials said, dimming hopes that tensions in the area can be calmed.

The attack was blamed on the militia backing the Tripoli-based government of National Accord (GNA), which denies that it sanctioned the carnage.

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"Most of them were executed", Al-Mimari said.

"The soldiers were returning from a military parade".

GNA Prime Minister Fayez Seraj announced that he was suspending both Defense Minister Mahdi Al-Barghathi and Third Force commander Jamal Traiki, "until it is determined who was responsible for violating the ceasefire".

An LNA spokesperson accused pro-government forces of summarily executing unarmed soldiers.

The Chairperson condemns, in the strongest terms possible, the attack and the tragic loss of life as a complete outrage committed not only against the people of Libya but would also further undermine efforts to bring peace and stability to the country.

Meanwhile, a tribal elder and five other people were killed in a vehicle bomb blast in Suluq town, 50 kilometers south of Benghazi today.

The two sides are attached to loose and shifting alliances based in the east and west of Libya that have vied for power over the past three years, deepening the divisions that surfaced with the country's 2011 uprising.