South Korea OKs civilian contact with North Korea in goodwill gesture


The decision comes even as tensions remain high after North Korea test-fired this month its longest-range ballistic missile yet.

The North has proudly publicised its plans to develop a missile capable of striking America and has ignored calls to halt its weapons programmes, even from ally China. To protect our country from a nuclear attack, we must take unilateral action and stop North Korea before they improve their technology and capability any further.

With many North Koreans exposed to malnutrition, infectious diseases and adverse living conditions, civic groups at home and overseas have been carrying out relief programs.

North Korea exploded two nuclear devices a year ago, one of which it claimed was a hydrogen bomb. But we could be at risk much sooner. "But now North Korea is being far more belligerent. offensive and making snubs to China".

For South Korea, a more immediate danger may be the North's massed artillery, which could devastate parts of the capital Seoul, only 40 km (25 miles) from the border.

AFTER successful missile launches, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un often exchanges smiles and hugs with the same three men and shares a celebratory smoke with them.

While credible doubt remains about the efficacy of all these weapons in general warfare, some of them seem to work under restricted test circumstances.

Reuters reports that Republican and Democratic U.S. congressman have introduced a bill to bar Americans from visiting North Korea as tourists, citing the country's record of detaining Americans to extract concessions from the United States.

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It says the program is necessary to counter United States aggression.

And the idea of eliminating a single, consolidated threat from North Korea simply is a dream.

One reason the USA can't make this trade is global law. So we're probably looking at the prospect of two Koreas indefinitely.

The United States has for weeks been negotiating a new Security Council sanctions resolution with China.

"The government's position is that we will sternly respond to North Korea's provocations, but the current severance of inter-Korean relations is undesirable in light of stability on the peninsula", deputy ministry spokesperson Lee Eugene said at a news briefing. "Those need to stay and they need to be there, and that will give confidence to the diplomatic process, we think".

All three options for dealing with North Korea - ineffective sanctions, conceding to nuclear blackmail, and military action - are awful. Kim was sentenced to 10 years hard labor on charges of espionage and subversion, while Warmbier was sentenced to 15 years hard labor for stealing a banner from a Pyongyang hotel. In fact, a 20-page document included in the resolution warns not to trust Kim and to avoid any activities that could result in financial gain for the North because the money could be used to finance its nuclear weapons and missiles.

Gary W. Johnson is a former cutting-edge aerospace defense engineer.